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Recent News

Watch a new documentary on Vee Lorena

Directed shot and cut : Christine Trinh

Music : Stephanie Hamelin Tomala

VeeLorena was selected as a dancer to be part of the new Alaclair Ensemble Video - Mets Du Respect Dans Ton Bac.

Vee Lorena was selected as a main dancer in the new video of Leslie Grace - Sola that was filmed in Brooklyn, New-York City

Vee Lorena was selected as a dancer to be part of ''EGO'' new music video with singer Zaho featuring Sean Paul and BanxRanx.

Vee Lorena was selected for the principal role and principal dancer in the new videoclip ¨Toutes les femmes savent danser¨ of the rap artist Loud.

Vee Lorena was one of the dancers for the show of Daddy Yankee that took part in Montreal in August 2017.

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